MaxProfit — Trading journals and logs software. Working since 2009!

       MaxProfit allows keep records of your trading operations at any financial market(Forex, Stocks, and Futures) made via MT4 or NinjaTrader platforms. Maxprofit software has wide range of features to explore your trading operations with the help of visual interpretation, charts, calculation of profitability in time or concrete instrument.

     Input and processing of the data. Features:

• Input online data from MT4 with screenshots by one click;

• Input log's data from MS Excel, NinjaTrader, MT4 and other by two clicks;

• Input an unlimited number of transactions from any trading systems and in any timeframes;

• Assignment screenshots, audio, and video files to each transaction;

• Assignment an unlimited number of additional characteristicsto each transaction;

• Assignment comments and orders to each transaction;

• Assignment marks for indicating the opening and closing of the position;

• Quick search transaction(s) in the journal;

• Filtration transactions by any column of the journal.

     Analysis of the trading operations. Features:

• Development of Instruments, Strategies, Schedules and different methods for increasing profitability;

• 30 characteristics such as Profit Factor, Recovery Factor, Expected Payoff, MIDD and so on.

• Plotting 16 types of line charts and more than 58 types of diagrams (depends from quantity of characteristics)

• Plotting charts and diagrams by transactions, days, weeks, months and years;

• Investigation reasons of losses.

     Even more:

• Form for calculation of the lot before entering the market

• Personal Diary for all of your thoughts and usefull marks. It is very user-friendly and will become your true friend.

     Analysis of your work will give you an opportunity to avoid mistakes and achive more profits. We are sure that MaxProfit will be useful for both for beginners and experienced traders.

     Coming Soon:

• Data input from Thinkorswim and Workstation trading platforms.

The new features in the upcoming versions of MaxProfit Pro depend not only on us, but on your suggestions as well. Write to us, make suggestions, we’ll implement them!